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Perth Fire and Safety will send a fully qualified Trainer to your workplace to conduct your Emergency Evacuation, Warden or Fire Extinguisher training Perth.  All trainers have an Emergency Fire and Safety background.

fire extinguisher training

Workplace fire extinguisher training Perth

This course is designed to provide persons in your workplace with valuable first response training. A Fire can take just moments to become a major problem. Depending on the available fuel, the majority of fires will overcome a workplace in a couple of short minutes. Our Fire extinguisher course teaches staff the correct and safe method to extinguish a small uncomplicated fire using the correct type of fire extinguisher. Further topics included in this training course are; the RACE and PASS Acronyms, Fire extinguihser types and their identification bands, the science of fire and the correct emergency procedures for a workplace. This course takes around 3-4 hours to complete and will include a walk around of your workplace, identifying your portable fire fighting equipment and discussing their correct use.

Ask about our new combined Warden and Fire extinguisher training!

Workplace Warden training for Perth businesses

Our Warden training covers all Topics as stipulated in Australian Standard 3745-2010. All workplaces shall have an Emergency Control Organisation, more commonly referred to as an ECO. The ECO should comprise of a Chief Warden and a number of Wardens. Your Emergency Planning Committee may also require your workplace to have a Deputy Chief Warden, a Communications Officer as well as Area and Floor Wardens. The training will assist your business and ECO with the allocation of duties to the correct titles as well as assisting you in developing procedures such as what to do in Civil unrest or if a Bomb threat is received. Also covered in this course are topics such as; types of emergency’s that can occur in the workplace, Dangers of heat smoke and fire and a walk around your workplace discussing communications system and portable fire equipment installed in the workplace. We will also advise you if the Portable fire equipment is correct for the area it protects and if it is serviceable and within date. Lastly we shall evaluate your Emergency Assembly area

Duration – approximately 4 hours

Workplace fire training perth

Warden and Fire Extinguisher course


Our combined course runs for around 6 hours and covers all topics listed in the above two courses.Contact us for more information on 1300 790 774



Did you know?…

• Fire Extinguishers have a lifespan of 5 years as stamped on the extinguisher not the servicing tag
• The minimum size for Fire Blankets in a Commercial installation is 1.8m x 1.2m
• Fire Hose Reels must only be used in an emergency situation or if being tested by a qualified Technician, the fine for using a Fire hose reel to hose down the workshop is $10,000 (WA only)

Did You Know…

All Workers in the Australian workplace must be trained in the correct operation of any equipment before being expected to do so.