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Evacuation diagrams

All businesses premises should possess an evacuation diagram and in most cases an evacuation plan. Evacuation diagrams should be installed in all exit/entry points, toilets and central to main areas of business. Remember that your evacuation plan should include Warden and first response training as well as regular evacuation exercises. All  workplaces must conduct at least one evacuation exercise a year. During this evacuation, all employees must be involved. It is common for workplaces to conduct two of these a year allowing for any persons who may have been on sick or annual leave.  Your wardens or EPC (Emergency Planning Committee) must record and retain all details.

At Perth fire and safety in partnership the Perth Training Institute with we can assist you with both Warden and First response training, accredited or non-accredited.

evacuation diagram

Evacuation diagrams must contain the location and type of fire extinguisher, exit points, you are here, location of first aid equipment and the assembly point.

Should you decide that Perth fire and safety will be your choice for evacuation diagrams, we will come to you, conduct a full audit of your workplace.  During this process we shall map out where all of your fire protection equipment is stored as well as the location of your first aid kit and evacuation horn.

On completion of the fire audit you will receive a free full report itemising any issues that your premises may have along with a reference to the appropriate Australian standard, Act or regulation.

evacuation diagram


For a free quote, simply send us a copy of your business premises plans. All evacuation diagrams are constructed strictly in compliance with Australian standard 3745 in A3. You wont have to worry about framing as the diagram is printed on a solid plastic platform or for a few dollars more, Stainless steel.